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This beautiful sculptural portrait of Seleucus III is the height of Greek art. His having rules for only two years, there are few such coins extant in this condition, XF 5/4. The reverse features a seated Apollo on Omphalus. Reduced price from Iconic Coins.

226-223 BC Seleucus III Ceraunos Seleucid Kingdom AR NGC Certified Ancient Coins

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    “This coin features a perfect strike of 5/5 and a surface of 4/5. Please see our detailed images.Item Specific Information:Diademed head of Seleucus III right / BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΣEΛEΥKOΥ Apollo seated left on omphalos, examining arrow held in right hand and resting left hand on grounded bow, ΞΥ monogram in outer left field, ΩΡ monogram in outer right field. SC 921.1. WSM 1029.”

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