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Iconic Coins & Collectibles


          We started collecting coins thirty years ago and recently decided we would sell.  Over time we bought and sold world coins until we reduced the collection to a select cache of coins we felt were iconic and ranged in the moderately higher end in price and quality. Our taste ran primarily from the ancient coins of Greece and Rome to some European iconic pieces

featuring princes and kings, mostly silver but including a few gold pieces. 

          The Covid lockdowns caused many things to change and confined many to home with little to do, and so they turned to their hobbies new and old. Coin collecting, or numismatics, grew as a result. People of all ages have entered this hobby partly because of its fascinating tangible tracking of the course of civilization since the fifth century BC. While the collector can hold history in his hand, he can also have the comfort of knowing his investment will appreciate. For decades, collectible rare coins have consistently kept pace with the appreciation of the stock market, real estate and fine art. 

          In the numismatic field, our coins with few exceptions would be considered midlevel, common classics, which are high in demand across the board. Our coins are offered for their beauty and their moderate prices which most serious collectors can afford. All our coins are authenticated and graded by NGC Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and PCGS Professional Coin Grading Service who are respected throughout the world .

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