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Antiochus,nicknamed Grypus (Greek: Γρυπός, "hook-nose"), was the ruler of the Hellenistic Seleucid Empire

from 125 to 96 BC. He was the younger son of Demetrius II and Cleopatra Thea.


 He may have spent his early life in Athens and returned to Syria after the deaths of his father and brother Seleucus V. At first he was joint ruler with his mother. Fearing her influence, Antiochus VIII had Cleopatra Thea poisoned in 121 BC.

This truly is a superb Greek coin with a strong strike of 5 and surface of 5 by NGC grading.

 The reverse features  Zeus, crescent above head, standing l., holding star and scepter...

References: HGC 9# 1197e, SCO# sc.1.2298, GCV# 6143 

121 to 96 BC AR Tetradrachm Antiochus VIII

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